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Dreaming of my friend:

In the growing beech forest

we walked, hand in hand.


Golden green beech leaves.

Scent of wood anemone

and your hand in mine.


    - Håkan Hallander (2018)



2019 | Art and Craft LDN - FornminnetMoor Vaults, London, UK

Håkan lives in the south of Sweden, tending to his plants and writing poetry. He tells me of days long gone, remembering Anna, who appears in his poems. In the winter there are only a few hours of light, and for Håkan as well as many other swedes, home is far from any neighbours. Winter depression is common here, yet Håkan is determined to always see things on the bright side. Every Christmas he sends me a letter, signing it with ”fornminnet”; the ancient relic. 

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